When the weather outside turns frightful most of us find staying inside far more delightful; but, with the combination of spending more time indoors and the recent increase in electricity tariffs, you may want to prepare for your electric bill to skyrocket this winter. Most of us already live according to strict budgets, so finding ways to reduce our electricity consumption during Winter would be ideal.

Below are a few effective ways you can try to reduce your winter electric bill and save some cash at the end of the month:

1) Unplug unnecessary appliances in bulk
Many appliances (including the tv, computer, microwave, printers, and scanners) use standby power. The key is to plug similar appliances into a power strip. It’ll allow you to unplug one device to prevent all of your appliances from drawing a phantom charge from the power socket.

2) Make use of alternative lighting
The colder seasons call for increased lighting. A good way to combat the need to turn the lights on can be as simple as opening your curtains during the day to allow as much natural light into your house as possible. Don’t forget to dust your lightbulbs as it’s often overlooked and can be another “phantom” electricity thief. The dustier your lightbulbs, the less light they provide. You could even opt for battery-powered lamps or fairy lights to lighten up your house in the evening. You could also make use of candles, as they’ll not only add extra light to your space, but your home will feel way cosier.

3) Layering to reduce power consumption
We often neglect the art of layering when we’re indoors. Even though you’re at home, why not add an extra layer or two to keep you warm? This way you’ll be less likely to rely on your heater. If you’re someone who relies on warm drinks, make a flask of coffee or tea so that you don’t have to boil the kettle every time you need to heat up. Should you make use of a heater, it’s best to only heat the room you’re in and keep the doors and windows closed to ensure the warmth stays inside.

4) Know the home appliances you use
Freezers and refrigerators use less electricity when filled to their recommended capacities. Each item over the recommended capacity will increase electricity usage by between 10-20%. A similar effect occurs when these appliances are too empty. Therefore, you should consider the needs of your household carefully before purchasing a fridge and freezer. In addition, vacuum cleaners draw a lot more electricity when the dust bag is full, which is why it’s best to empty the bag after every use. And don’t forget to set your washing machine to a cold cycle to save power.

Final Winter saving advice
Although these tricks may seem time-consuming, it’s a guaranteed way to reduce your power bill and leave you with some extra cash at the end of the month. Those with some cash to spare should consider adding insulation and investing in proper weatherproofing. Not only will this lower your Winter electric bill, but this is also a great way to increase your property’s value should you later decide to sell your home.

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