Determining your home’s resale value is the first step in the sales process, but it can be a complex task with so many contributing factors. However, in order to set the Property Price, the Market Value of the property will need to first be established.

The Market Value is the amount that the property is worth in relation to surrounding properties of similar specs, requisite to a fair sale. Essentially it is the price a property should sell for on the open market. Knowing and understanding the property’s Market Value will assist in setting a Property Price that is fair and competitive within its relative market. Several factors, namely location, age and condition of the property, play a key role and should be taken into consideration before setting a property price.

Sellers will always want to sell at the highest possible price, whilst Buyers will want to buy at the lowest price – determining Market Value will provide a platform for both parties to negotiate the transaction.

If you are looking to get a true, market related valuation done on your property, give me a call, I work and stay in the area and will gladly assist you.

I get daily inquiries for properties in the Roodepoort, Krugersdorp and surrounding areas.

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