Pinehaven is a trendy, upmarket suburb consisting solely of building developments with a few plot and plan vacant stands here and there. This is the ideal place to settle down and raise a family. Safe with clean streets and a relaxing atmosphere, Pinehaven provides a community environment where kids can play outside and friendly neighbours greet each other.

The houses in Pinehaven vary from more cosy and compact to large with roomy interiors and manicured gardens with sparkling swimming pools. This means that there is something for everyone from larger families to smaller ones and couples who are upgrading to a townhouse from an apartment or investing in their first property together. Pinehaven is a huge security complex with perimeter walls and a designated entrance and exit point. From there roads branch off to individual secure complexes within the whole, each presenting its own building style, home types and price range. Residents of Pinehaven have added peace of mind due to the secure access control gates which control who comes and who goes from each of the smaller complexes.

With a designated access and exit point and, Pinehaven enjoys low levels of foot and vehicular traffic as the only people and cars entering or exiting will be residents and their guests. This further increases the security of the suburb as well as the peaceful and quiet atmosphere for you to come home to after a long day at work.

Pinehaven ideally situated close to all amenities and facilities. Some nearby shopping centres include a Pick n’ Pay shopping centre, Noodheuwel Shopping Centre and Key West Shopping Centre. Between them they cater to all your needs from high end fashion to basic groceries. Pinehaven is also situated close to various schools including Ruimsig Nursery School, Ridgevale Primary School and Krugersdorp High School, catering to all levels of education from toddlers to teens.

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