Ensure You Sell Before the Competition Does

When you list your property for sale you will be competing with other similar properties.  Buyers will shop by comparison – so you need every advantage you can get to ensure you sell first. 

Here are some ways you can gain an edge.

Price creates interest.  It’s critically important that you are correctly priced.  If you are overpriced, then you will be competing with properties that are superior to yours – newer, larger, in a better location, and the like.  Buyers will see that your property is inferior and cross you off their list.  In most cases, you won’t even get a lower offer, as the buyers you have attracted are the wrong buyers – looking for a property superior to yours.  Price correctly and attract interest from the correct buyers.

Stand Out With Your Marketing.  You simply must market bigger and better than your competition.  Don’t get lost in the crowd.  You need online presence and online video to make sure buyers find your listing.  You also need to feature in print – and your advert size must be larger than competing listings.  Professional photography and photo boards will ensure you catch the eye of suitable buyers.

Dress for Success.  You have only one opportunity to make a first impression.  Make it count.  Your entrance, driveway, entertainment areas, living rooms, kitchen and bathrooms – they must all shine.  If you have a pool, make sure it sparkles.  Woodwork, paintwork, fascia’s, paving, and flooring condition – all make a massive impact on to the potential buyer.  Attend to any maintenance issues so that you don’t give anyone a reason to find fault and select another property over yours.

Appeal to the senses.  We have 5 senses, so appeal to them all.  There is something comforting about walking into a home with soft music playing and the smell of fresh biscuits and coffee or fresh flowers.  Soft lighting, a roaring fireplace, and the sound of running water in a water feature add to the experience.  Giving attention to these aspects costs very little – but the rewards are significant.  I sold a multi million rand property once to a buyer who just loved the smell of the fresh cut grass…  Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Let the buyers compete.  If the buyers feel no pressure to compete, then they simply won’t compete.  Competition is the only condition under which a buyer will pay their maximum.  Ensure your estate agent has effective strategies to create this competition.  Special previews, marketing to an active buyer database, and high impact condensed showhouses all add to the buyer competition.  Isn’t that what you deserve?

The facts show that when you take into account the above factors you give yourself a significant advantage over the competition.  Ask a professional estate agent to guide you through the process.  The effort made up front will pay significant dividends later, help you sell before your competition, and sell for the most the market will pay.

If you are looking to get a true, market related valuation done on your property then give me a call:

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– Morne Prinsloo | 079 047 5172

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