Choosing who to partner with can be tricky. Below are a few questions you can ask to find out who would have the best chances of selling your homes in the fastest amount of time and at the highest possible value.

  1. Is this person qualified with a valid FFC and registered with the EAAB which regulates the industry?
  2. Can I trust this person? Does he/she exaggerate truths?
  3. Does this estate agent have a proven track record of completed sales?
  4. Does this person listen and care about my needs?
  5. Is this person more interested in helping me or helping themselves?
  6. Is this person easily contactable?
  7. Is this person knowledgeable about the local market and the real estate industry in general?
  8. Is this agent affiliated with an established brand whose resources can be tapped into in order to help me sell my home in the quickest amount of time?

The right agent makes all the difference, give me a call today !

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