It’s crucial that you find a property agent that you can trust to execute the sale of your property successfully.

Selling your home can be quite an emotional process no matter if it’s your first or tenth time doing so. The memories that you build up in the property affects some sellers more than others when the time comes to sell. These emotional attachments might also skew your vision when it comes to the sales process, so it’s crucial that you find a property agent that you can trust to execute it well.

Choosing an agent

Choosing the right agent is a process like any other service-hire decision. And no, not all agents are equal. Just because you’ve seen their face on billboards in your neighborhood does not necessarily mean they are the right fit for your property sale.

There is a fine line between really knowing the area, how to sell a property and how to work with a seller. Not all agents are equipped with all three attributes, but the best property sales people are. As the seller, you need to choose the agent that will best fit your criteria and requirements, but someone who is also able to guide you in making the best decision for you – not one that will fit their commission criteria. 

How to establish rapport with agents

  1. The Click. It might sound corny, but “clicking with someone” and being on the same page will help tremendously during the process. If you feel that an agent is on the same page as you, it also helps to build trust. Trusting your agent is of tremendous value during this process, and can make or break the sale. You’ll also know whether this is authentic or not, as “the click” can’t be faked.
  2. The property valuation. The property valuation is another great marker in a “tell” whether you can trust your agent. Find an agent who will “give it to you straight” as opposed to placating you with a number you want to hear. Manage your and their expectations in the process by being equally open and honest about your reasons for selling and why you might have a particular figure in mind. 
  3. Property viewings. One can very quickly tell whether the agent has listened to your requirements and are vetting potential buyers from the calibre of the viewings they set-up, or just sending people to bolster viewings. 
  4. Be open. Sometimes being open to ideas that colour slightly outside your lines might bring even better results than you expected. It also shows your agent that you’re willing to work with them as well and will help establish trust in both ways. It also helps if your agent is fully transparent in their dealings and provides feedback based on what they’re seeing, doing and how this is assisting in your property sale.
  5. Exclusive mandate. Signing an exclusive, or sole, mandate with an agent will also build tremendous trust and rapport. Signing a sole mandate with an agent shows them that you’re fully committed to them making the sale work. In turn, it also motivates the agent to work harder for the sale. It’s not just a property agency marketing tactic, it really does assist to bring the best results for the process.

At RE/MAX Masters we partner with the best local agents who meet the criteria of top agents and who embody all three attributes: knowing the area, how to sell a property and how to work with a seller.

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