You’ve decided to sell your home in the Roodepoort and surrounding areas. Now what?

There’s a lot more than planting a “For Sale” sign on your lawn and calling it a day. This is a tremendous undertaking, and you’ll want to understand the local property market, apply best practices, and get through the sales process with expert help.

Morné Prinsloo a Property Practitioner with RE/MAX Masters, shares his sales insight to help put your house on the market and sell it successfully.

Navigate the current property market

Now’s the time to sell your property. Because of the low interest rate, eager buyers are better empowered to snap up property. With such high demand, property prices are currently rising, giving sellers higher than normal prices.

Tips for selling your house

As property choices are influenced by personal needs, sellers should ensure their homes are as inviting as possible. The most cost-effective way to increase the appeal of your home and get results that offer maximum impact is to ensure that it is clean, neat, and tidy. This sounds simplistic but the impact of a clutter-free home cannot be overstated. Look at your home from the perspective of the buyer. Nothing increases the appeal of a home more than open spaces.

First impressions count, so ensure your property is properly marketed to get it sold quickly. Follow the two P’s – preparation and pricing. Preparation is key. Before you go to market, ensure that you have beautiful photos, that the description of the property is well written, and your agent has all the information an interested buyer would possibly want. Pricing correctly is vitally important. A properly priced property, will sell fast.

Unpacking the property sales process

The approach to selling property varies from home to home. However, a property practitioner like Morne is key to making the process as smooth and effortless as possible.

“For me, it’s most important to understand my seller’s needs. Therefore, my process begins with a cup of coffee and a chat. Thereafter, I begin the process of collecting information. This includes a proper listing, asking pertinent questions, advising my seller on what to expect going forward, agreeing on a marketing plan and only then are we ready.”

Having a property handled by an experienced seller agent is important as the sales process can become complicated. Morné points out the documents you’ll need to have as a seller:

  • The title deed which, if the property is still bonded, will be with the bank that financed the current owner.
  • Certificates of compliance which include electrical, gas, electric fences, and anything else which is requested by the purchaser and agreed to by the seller.
  • Copies of invoices and warranties are helpful for any renovation and large-scale repairs. For instance, if you have replaced the roof recently a buyer will want evidence of that.
  • FICA documents to establish and verify your identity as a way of combating crime as per The Financial Intelligence Act.

With the Property Practitioners Act now in effect since 1 February 2022, sellers will also need to abide by the new law.

Sellers are now required by law to disclose all defects or anything that could result in expense or discomfort to the buyer down the line. The regulations include a mandatory disclosure form which requires sellers to answer a series of questions. The seller has to certify that their answers are correct. This form then comprises part of the sale agreement.

Get help from a property practitioner

With so much to consider, selling your home can feel overwhelming. Morné encourages potential sellers to avoid doing it privately but trust in the assistance of qualified property practitioners.

As a qualified property practitioner I provide advice on the correct price for the property, the condition of the property, what needs to be fixed/renovated, and guidance on the interior design of the property.

Rise up to home with Morné & RE/MAX Masters Roodepoort

At RE/MAX we understand real estate transactions, whether you are buying or selling this will be one of the most important decisions of your life. Morné and the team is well prepared to help you rise to the challenge.

There is no greater measure of success than providing a home for your family or selling that house to start an exciting chapter.

Morné & RE/MAX Masters Roodepoort
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