Selling your home is possibly the most imperative personal investment decision you are likely to make in your lifetime. Therefore when negotiating its sale, you will consider it vital to conclude a successful transaction, measured in terms of the price achieved.

Your preference of real estate agent and the method of marketing and selling your property are of paramount importance and will undoubtedly affect the financial success of the sale.

When it comes to deciding whether to opt for the exclusive mandate route or to go open listing route, the exclusive mandate is in best interests for clients and is indisputably the wisest choice, as it helps to achieve the best possible price the market will pay. This is because exclusive mandate – permitting only one agent to accomplish the sale – affords the agent the opportunity to work with and for you, never against, without the pressure and inherent disadvantages of several other agents also looking to sell the property.

Whereas open listing creates competition between agents to sell the property as quickly as possible, before anyone else, irrespective of the price. It is the exclusive mandate method that allows your agent to create competition between the buyers to buy your home, thereby in most instances pushing the price to the highest levels and the best possible price the market will pay.

The seller who wants to give an exclusive mandate but is fearful of not attracting enough buyers through one agent, can be rest assured that – provided the chosen agent puts in the time and effort to market the property and advertises regularly to give it the widest possible exposure – prospective buyers will go to the agents with the best houses – there is little buyer loyalty towards agents.

If you look at Private Property & Property 24 it is possible you will find the same property advertised by different agents, asking varying prices and giving a variety of reasons for the sale. Even though this is without the seller’s permission, the damage has been done!

Not only can this cause confusion and uncertainty, it can also create an incorrect perception in the minds of buyers that the sale is urgent and desperate, As a result, it more often than not attracts offers at nowhere near real market value.

It’s about commitment! The agent asking you for the exclusive mandate is really promising and undertaking to give you 100% of their commitment to get you the best possible price that market will pay. What they are really asking is for you to give them 100% of your commitment in return!

In Roodepoort, with a low entry barrier that real estate has, we find anyone and everyone doing real estate directly or indirectly. Just to gain more business, many agents end up giving discounts to their customers and these discounts impact on the post sales services offered by these agents. An exclusive mandate not only safeguards the associates time and interest in the listing but also helps in getting the best possible price in least possible time through dedicated advertising and marketing of the listing. The customer does not have to go to any other agency during that time frame and the associate dedicates all his resources towards that particular listing. For me as a exclusive listing agent with RE/MAX Masters, it’s always good to have 10 exclusive mandates then to have 100 open listings.

Exclusive mandates are not a new concept even in the South African market.

With a RE/MAX MASTERS SOLE MANDATE you can expect:

  • A Personalised and focused marketing and advertising plan, including show days, advertisements, etc. supported by a generous marketing budget
  • Interaction with a single agent who is determined to fully understand your needs
  • Greater chance to realise your selling price due to BUYERS competing on the property
  • Consistency of price ensured                 
  • Agent accountable to you for results due to contractual agreement
  • No chance of any commission dispute
  • No over-exposure of the property as advertising and show days are controlled
  • Peace of mind
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