What are the benefits of the NEW Standard Bank Easysell assistance programme?
• You stay in control of the sale of your property
• Expenses like rates clearance and compliance certificates can be paid from your bond account
• Your name can be cleared on the credit bureau once the shortfall has been paid in full
• You will be able to rent
• You can buy again in future
• The bank gives you a substantial discount if there is a shortfall
• The shortfall can be paid off interest free over a period of up to 10 years.

What are the consequences of a sale in execution?
• You lose your home
• Your credit bureau will be impacted for 30 years
• You won’t be able to borrow money again
• You are still liable for the shortfall even after the property is sold
• Renting will be difficult due to your credit bureau record.

How EasySell works EasySell makes your life easier because we manage the entire process of selling your property on your behalf.

Here’s how:
• We make sure you get the best possible price for your home. We work together with a panel of approved estate agents who specialise in properties in your area and will market your home to ensure you obtain the best price closest to the current market value.
• We attract serious buyers by marketing your property extensively in the media, and through the online property marketing website, MyRoof, RE/MAX Masters, RE/MAX Sa, Private Property, Property 24 and more.
• Once your property is sold and all the relevant costs, fees and levies have been settled, the amount left over will be used to settle your outstanding bond amount.
• If there is a shortfall (in other words, there is still an amount owing on your bond) we will assist you in making an arrangement to pay it off, interest-free, over 5 or 10 years, depending on the shortfall amount outstanding. To help you even more, we will give you up to 10% discount* on the outstanding balance of your home loan account. The discount will only be applied in the event of a shortfall.
• Property arrear rates and taxes, levies and the electrical compliance certificate can also be included as part of your shortfall (which means you won’t have to pay these amounts upfront).

Voluntary sale VERSUS Sale in execution

Don’t wait until it’s too late – talk to us about EasySell today.
Although it’s a tough decision, if selling your home can make a real difference to your financial health it has to be an option worth considering. And if you are already in debt, it makes sense to take action as soon as possible to rescue the situation before it gets any worse.

For advice and assistance on how the Standard Bank EasySell programme can help put your finances on the road to recovery, call / email me today!

Morne Prinsloo | Certified Distressed Property Advisor | Absa, Nedbank, Standard Bank & Fnb | Roodepoort & Krugersdorp Area

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